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  • BH Nanyang Durian Biscuit
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19th century British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace famously described durian as, "A rich butter-like custard highly flavored with almonds". Using the kind of fruits durian as the main ingredient, we have created our own Singapore-Made Nanyang Durian Biscuit with just the right amount of crunch and durian cream filling. Every bite is a pure delight!

Pack Size UOM Carton
Net Weight
Gross Weight
CBM Loading per
20' Container
Loading per
40' Container
Shelf Life
24*200GBOX4.80 KG5.80 KG0.04667081,45815 Months
6*700GTIN4.20 KG4.65 KG0.03519391,93615 Months
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