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  • BH Crispy Prawn Chilli Sauce
  • 900286 / 900415

BH Crispy Prawn Chilli is ready to eat. As you would expect, there is chilli, dried prawns, shallots, garlic all mixed in one bottle, This flavourful mixture simply peps everything from rice to noodles.

You may simply add on to any kinds of noodles or even instant noodles, drain and toss tghem with your choice of sauces and seasoning oil to taste. Put a spoonful of BH crispy prawn chilli on top though and it is just divine!

* No Trans Fat
* No Artificial Colourings
* No MSG
* Awarded Healthier Choice - Lower in Sodium
Pack Size UOM Carton
Net Weight
Gross Weight
CBM Loading per
20' Container
Loading per
40' Container
Shelf Life
24*180GBOTTLE4.32 KG8.50 KG0.01222,4003,00018 Months
12*340GBOTTLE4.08 KG6.75 KG0.01042,8563,77318 Months
12*1KGCATERING PACK12.0 KG12.3 KG0.01322,1924,15818 Months
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