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  • BH Singapore-Style Bah Kuet Teh Spices
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Bah Kuet Teh, meaning "Meat Bone Tea", consists of meaty pork ribs simmerd in a satisfying and unique broth of clear soup. Supremely hot, light yet nourishing, this peppery soup is ideal for banishing even the worse winter chills and found to resist conditions such as rheumatism.

* No Trans Fat
* No Artificial Colourings
* No Preservatives
Pack Size UOM Carton
Net Weight
Gross Weight
CBM Loading per
20' Container
Loading per
40' Container
Shelf Life
(2outer*12)*30GBOX0.72 KG1.93 KG0.01481,9603,71636 Months
(4outer*12)*30GPACKET1.44 KG2.00 KG0.01362,1324,04436 Months
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