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  • BH Nanyang Sambal Stir-Fry Paste
  • 900392

Sambal Stir-Fry paste (chilli-based paste) is pre-cooked and made from fresh ground spices and shrimp paste. It is suitable for stir-frying vegetables or seafood and even grilling. It can also be used as a condiment on all cooked dishes.

* No Trans Fat
* No Artificial Colourings
* No MSG
Pack Size UOM Carton
Net Weight
Gross Weight
CBM Loading per
20' Container
Loading per
40' Container
Shelf Life
(2outer*12)*120GBOX2.88 KG4.23 KG0.01392,0893,96224 Months
(4outer*12)*120GPACKET5.76 KG6.50 KG0.01362,1324,04424 Months
12*1KGCATERING PACK12.0 KG12.3 KG0.01322,1924,15824 Months
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